Student Information

Discounts and Scholarships

We have various special discounts available.


This programme aids persons who are experiencing financial difficulty and will have issues paying their tuition. Persons who are a part of this programme gets the opportunity to earn a stipend while learning. Their tuition will be be covered for the period but the examination fee will have to be paid for by the student. If interested in this programme you can contact us through email at or call us at 960-8701.


For this scholarship persons who are soldiers and police can receive 50% off the tuition. Persons who are immediate family members of these individuals can also qualify for this scholarship. Valid identification must be presented.


Persons who have previously completed course with us can qualify for this discount. These individuals can receive 5% off the tuition.
We do have promotional discounts at times so ask if there are any taking place when registering.
For more information on discounts you can contact us through email at or call us at 960-8701. You can WhatsApp us at 990-7753.

Student Information

We aim to provide the necessary information for our students to have an exceptional and distinctive experience here at Maths Unlimited Supercourses. With the right information our students are able to do their best and it also allows for a great relationship among teachers, staff and students. Below we have listed information we believe is relevant to our students and we try to update this list from time to time, so it is important for you to keep checking this page for updates.

Why does the school have so much guidelines especially for dress code?
Here at Maths Unlimited we care for each and every student. This is a school environment and as such dressing appropriately is appreciated. We have no problem in students expressing themselves through fashion but students should always bear in mind that this is a school and receiving a Grade One is of more importance.

General Student Guidelines

Welcome to MU, a disciplined learning environment to help you to achieve your highest potential.

Here are a few things you need to know about MU.

Not Allowed

– Showing underwear
– See-through clothing
– Excessive hairstyle and jewellery
– Mini skirts
– Mini dresses
– Short shorts
– Pants with excessive rips
– Tights
– Tube tops
– Merinos
– Head ties (Males).
– Loud talking and rowdy behaviour
– Loitering or time wasting on the compound, including classrooms and corridors or outside the compound on the plaza
– Destruction of property including graffiti
– Suggestion of intimacy
– Disrespectful behaviour towards staff and students including the use of indecent language
– Alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana
– Illegal drugs
– Weapons, including knives
– Fighting


– Students must show their IDs every time they pass the security post

– Cell phones must be turned OFF during ALL classes


Where students do not abide by the guidelines, depending on the severity of the offence, one or more of the following actions will be taken:

– Verbal warning will be given

– The incident will be logged

– Written warning will be given to the student and the parents or guardian (where applicable)

– Student will be asked to discontinue where necessary

All criminal activities; criminal offences will be reported to the police.

For any offence which warrants the use of external security support, the police or private security will be called in. Random security searches may be conducted with or without the police.

Do I still pay for classes if I missed a month?

Yes! your contract agreement with MU is to pay the full tuition for your courses. The purpose of the agreement is to make the payment affordable over an agreed amount of months. You are not paying per class, you are still required to pay for the full cost of the course that was agreed upon. If you are going to miss any class, this should be communicated to a customer service representative as soon as possible.

How do I make a report about issues I have?

If you have any issue with your classes or the school, you can email them to We will follow up with the situation and address them as soon as possible. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Maths Unlimited experience so you can tell us any concerns that you have and also any suggestions that will help us to better serve you, our students.